Author interview with Tina Hallis of ‘Sharpen Your Positive Edge: Shifting Your Thinking for More Positivity and Success’

Author Interview with Tina Hallis

Life can be hard! This book is a toolbox stocked with 80 short but powerful strategies to help busy people like you Sharpen Your Positive Edge by shifting your thinking so you can be more motivated, happier, and less stressed. No wonder greater positivity has been found to lead to greater success!



Let’s make life easier by getting positive! Today, Tina Hallis has dropped in to chat about shifting your mind towards positivity to find greater success. Tina, in ‘Sharpen Your Positive Edge’, you’ve included 80 strategies for readers to use to shift their thinking. How did you come across these strategies?

This book is a compilation of my free weekly positivity tips that I have been sharing for almost four years. I started these tips as a way to remind people that they can choose their thoughts and provide ideas to make that choice easier.



Wow, four years of strategies show dedication to the cause of creating positivity! Where have your weekly tips and these strategies come from?

Many of the 80 tips include a personal experience from my life. Our lives are full of “rich material” for us to practice these tips. My life is no exception!



What has been impressed upon you as you’ve found and used that rich material from your life?

We are naturally wired to notice and dwell on all the problems and challenges around us. The trick is to notice it happening and then realize we do have a choice. We can shift our thinking for a better balance with more positive moments to create more enjoyable days and a higher quality of life.



Where have you personally seen more enjoyable days and a greater quality of life from publishing this book?

The feedback from readers on how it has helped them in their lives and their relationships has touched my heart! I’m so grateful for their stories and for their help in spreading some positivity.



It’s fantastic that you’ve seen your words directly help readers! And I’m sure that being able to touch readers like that has fuelled your writing fire to get another book to market. Can you tell us where you’ve decided to focus your wonderful words in your next book?

I’m working on a book that talks about a process I use to help people shift their thinking. I call it “The Path for Positivity.” It includes 5 steps:

  1. Understand why it’s hard to be positive,
  2. Realize you can change,
  3. Notice your thoughts,
  4. Practice the strategies to make it easier, and
  5. Remember to choose your thoughts.



I’d love to see how you personally use this process in your own life to keep yourself on that positive path. So, what kinds of thoughts are you choosing when you sit down to write?

I think about the busy career and family people who know they want more out of life but have very little time, so need they something easy and quick that can impact their day (and life).



And once you have the images of those busy career and family people come to mind, do you engage in any techniques to help the words flow? For example, do you have a special writing nook that helps the words come to life?

I like to sit quietly and calm my mind. Then I introduce a problem or person and ask how can I help?



Do you have a format that you like to use when tackling a problem that you’ve introduced?

My background is science, so my writing in my past life was very formal. I’m working hard to make it more conversational and less wordy. I want it to be fun and easy to read.



Ahhh, yes the challenge of turning formal writing into something you want to read. From what I’ve read so far I can see you’re certainly rising to the challenge! What do you feel is the greatest challenge for authors looking to get themselves into the writing game, and how do you think they can overcome it?

Persevere and realize the most difficult part of the process is not writing the book, but marketing it.



Marketing is a challenge, but I’m sure once you add a few positive tips into the mix you can make it lots of fun! One way I like to inject fun into the mundane motions often found in authors who are on the book marketing beat is to toss in a few unexpected questions to get authors on their toes. Let’s see if we can give your toes a workout with a few fun questions. Oooh, here’s a good one, why is lemon juice made with artificial flavour, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

We want to make sure we have healthy dishes.



*Laughs* And you’d never want sick dishes! From sick dishes to the speed of light. If you’re in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

They light up where you’ve been.



What is your zodiac sign?




Well, fellow water-bearer, what is your favourite word?




*Smiles* I’m sure your positive and grateful view on the world has been reflected in the pages of ‘Sharpen Your Positive Edge’, so can you share your most positive words with us.

We don’t experience the world — we actually experience our thoughts and think it’s the world.



Tina, thanks for sharing your positive edge with us today, and I hope you can continue to sharpen the positive perspectives of others with both ‘Sharpen Your Positive Edge’ and your upcoming path of positivity!

Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Sharpen Your Positive Edge: Shifting Your Thinking for More Positivity and Success ( ASIN: B073XSB9V6 )‘.

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