Sharks: Amazing Facts & Pictures for Children on These Amazing Creatures

| October 11, 2017


Sharks: Amazing Facts With Pictures for Children on These Wonderful Creatures (Awesome Creature Series) is a book about sharks written for children. It is loaded with interesting trivia about sharks, as well as shark pictures.

This fun and informative book about sharks is educational. Other than giving out different shark facts, it addresses the issue that sharks are not just monsters of the ocean, but are lovable creatures, too. Many of them may be gigantic in size, and they may have sharp, pointed teeth, but these are not all there is to the sharks. Beyond their reputation as scary underwater animals, there is a whole other side worth knowing. Not a lot of people are aware of the harmless traits of sharks, and it’s time that they should be.

Included in this book are:

•First years of sharks, the shark elders, and all about the history of sharks
•The different body parts of sharks and certain features that they can’t live without
•Some of the popular types of sharks and what makes them unique, as well as their scientific names
•The different superpowers of sharks that give them a big advantage over enemies
•The favorite color of sharks
•Tidbits about the most famous sharks in movies
•The fear of sharks and why there’s no reason to be afraid
•What sharks use to communicate
•Why people should want sharks to live forever
•And other unique trivia about sharks!

Because this shark book is written simply, children will love it. Especially if they already adore sharks, they may end up adoring the creatures even more. With a handful of fun facts and pictures, they won’t easily get bored. For parents who want to give their kids the chance to find out more about the fascinating underwater animals, this educational shark book can be the perfect present!

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