The Book, The Quest To Save Existence

| October 11, 2017


Two epic quests merge into one as a group of strangers find purpose and strength, hoping to survive long enough to accomplish the impossible task before them, keeping the hunted Priest alive to right an ancient injustice, the banishment of his God. Across two continents, they elude their pursuers, as the powers of Heaven and Hell vie for control of the Prime Material Plain, only returning The Book, missing for uncounted eons, to it’s rightful overseer can prevent the destruction that seems imminent. While the group itself only knows the Priest must succeed, not the destination that only he knows. Their only hope is that they are tough enough for the perils that await them when, and if, they arrive. The Paladin, sworn to protect Good, struggles with his misconceptions of the Thief and his abilities. The Thief, aware of the Paladin’s unease finds ways to calm the sometimes over zealous Knight. The Wizard, just trying to stay alive, finds himself an unknowing pawn of two Gods, who’s agenda only they know. And the Priest, who is torn between duty to his God, and the safety of those around him, feels damned by either choice. Only success is acceptable. Only faith can make it possible.

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