Tales Untold

| October 19, 2017

Before his untimely death in 1967, Focke lived in poverty and poetry; he struggled to make ends meet and spent his days mulling over melancholies.

This omnibus combines Focke’s magnum opus The Reflection Collection, Seasons Of Love, The Zoobadoo Zoo, and other never-before-seen tales from the Short-Lived King of Short Stories.

The Reflection Collection

  • A Salmon Amongst Trouts
  • Chance Is No Mere Happenstance
  • Borderless Bedlam
  • Creative Absolution
  • Mark V — The Faltered Industry
  • Balvur — The Source Of Divine Wisdom
  • The Melendrin Road
  • Velerio — The Unsettling Truth
  • Bandorv — The Broken & Rotten

Seasons Of Love

  • Time Ethereal
  • The Discovery Of Forlorn Wonder
  • Death Wish
  • Fluttering Love
  • The Fifth Season

The Zoobadoo Zoo

The Fernando Bellisa Chronicles

  • A Cringy Shitty Vampire Story
  • Sowing Seed

The Most Epic Tale Of All

Tales Untold

  • Shards Of Bliss & Doubt
  • Drops Of Democracy
  • Zenfried, The Toilet Man
  • Elevated Suspension
  • Willow Tree
  • La Frondescence Pittoresque
  • The Mystery Of The Crooked Mountain
  • The Three Fallagonians And The Highbreed Equestrian Steed
  • The Liminal Subliminal
  • Psycho Delia
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