The Fall of Rath: Blood and Magic

| October 12, 2017


In the Four Realms, power lies in the hands of the Undying. These few men and women are immortal mages of rare strength. But what does it cost a person to live the length of many lifetimes and see friend after friend die?

With little more than a century behind him, Yerikan is young for an Undying mage. Yet he is already learning the cost of his years. He fights for his kingdom of Rath and his master, Lord Paelan … and against his fondness for wine. Fearing an invasion from the East, Yerikan is sent to the Jehari Empire to stir up trouble. He succeeds too well. His seduction of Nyreni and its discovery sets the Four Realms on a path to brutal war.

The Fall of Rath is a novel of High Fantasy, with blood, magic, and romance. Please note that this novel contains adult themes.

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