Where in Hard-Boiled City is Carmella Sanfrancisco?: Classen’s Tale

| October 13, 2017


A great mystery unsolved.
An ancient game forgotten.
A noir detective hard-boiled.

Industry Giant, Tornado Tech, released the first online video game over thirty years ago and the black and white edutainment relic has been collecting dust ever since.

But hidden within the crude polygons and musty word puzzles of Hard-Boiled City is one of the greatest mysteries in all of gaming history: Carmella Sanfrancisco. The iconic, orange-wearing master criminal is thought to be a myth by everyone except for one person, detective Classen Fortinbras. He knows in his soul that she exists.

As the final shutdown of the Hard-Boiled server approaches, an important question remains unanswered: Where in Hard-Boiled City is Carmella Sanfrancisco? More important to Classen is his own personal question: “Who is Carmella Sanfrancisco?”

Warning: Contains… Absolutely no sexual situations or banging?
While part of a series, this novelette can be read as a standalone story!

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