The Chronicles of Henry Harper

| October 13, 2017


When Henry was coerced into writing his memoirs by a pretty face and a vicious pair of puppy dog eyes, he wasn’t expecting anything to come of it. He certainly wasn’t expecting to be thrust into galactic prominence. Nor was he expecting the fan mail, death threats, marriage proposals, or people doubting his sanity. Well…maybe he half-expected that last one. After all, he’s just an engineer, not an action hero, making a few of his adventures seem a little hard to swallow for the average galactic citizen.
Still, he didn’t think it was too unbelievable, was it? He was one of the few engineers there when humanity first broke the light speed barrier. He was even there when they first met their galactic neighbors and when the very first A.I. was born. With friends he met at times like that, it wasn’t even that odd that he’d later seen rifts in space, planets that jump from system to system, and a colony attacked by plants. At the end of the day he was just an engineer. A really good engineer, one of the best even, but still just an engineer. Surely, no one was really interested in hearing things from his perspective. Right?
See the galaxy through the eyes of Henry Harper, veteran starship engineer, as he weaves for you the story of his decades long career and the many incredible adventures he’s had during it. Watch how he averted tragedy, solved crises, and learned the very best swear words in a dozen languages. Pay no mind to the explosions, I’m sure those were all part of the plan….

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