Emotional Genius: Exceptional Emotional Intelligence In Reach for Everyone with the Language of Emotions

| August 1, 2013


Emotional Genius: Exceptional Emotional Intelligence In Reach for Everyone with the Language of Emotions

Genius-level Emotional Intelligence is now in reach for YOU. By reading this book, you will have more insight into emotion than 98% of people! Whether you seek Emotional Genius for business, leadership, relational or personal reasons, this gets you there NOW.

You’re asking, “He seems like he’s angry all the time; what does that mean?”

Or maybe, “Why do I feel so hopeless?”

Perhaps, “Do I have to live with this guilt my whole life?”

Possibly, “I know what I should do, but I’m afraid. How do I deal with that?”

Maybe your questions are about managers, team members, or clients. Maybe your questions are about friends, family or yourself!

The big question behind them all: “What do I DO?”

Fear, anger, hopelessness, guilt, doubt, overwhelm, and more. You want to know what to do about it. Maybe you’ve wondered, “What does it say about me?” What you really need to know is “What is it saying something TO me?”

Happiness, Confidence, Love, Gratitude and more. These you want more often. You want to know how to get it, how to keep it, and how to get back there any time you want. Is there a way?

Yes, there absolutely is. You will know exactly how.

Dr. Conway has the answer. It’s a simple secret that makes high level Emotional Intelligence and emotional self-control available for you. One simple secret, and suddenly it all makes sense.

Conway became an expert on Emotional Intelligence in the trenches of talking down violent men from rioting and saving people from the brink of suicide. With life and limb literally on the line, he was either right, or someone was going to get hurt. He was right. Rarely is any man given the opportunity to have his ideas tested and proven so right so many times for so long.

His idea is brilliant in its simplicity: Emotions are a Language. That’s the big secret. Now you know. You know the big secret and you haven’t even read the book, yet.

He teaches you about Emotions of Duplication, what they are, how they work, why they work that way, and how you get more of those. It also explains why so many people do the “obvious” and it too often simply does not work.

He tells you all about Emotions of Change. It’s even more important to understand these. Why? Because these are the emotions you don’t like, and they are there to tell you “something must change.” If you don’t change, you’ll feel them more than we want. That may already be your experience!

If you somehow avoid them without changing something, you miss important things. If you stuff negative emotions, it’s like seeing a warning light on the dash of your car and “solving” the problem by putting tape over the light! There’s something there! If you ignore it while it’s just an emotion, it might show up in other ways… maybe with a much higher price to pay!

Emotional Genius is packed with answers. Conway provides a very concrete, step-by-step system so you quickly leap from very ordinary levels of Emotional IQ to extraordinary levels of Emotional Genius!

Business people, leaders and up-and-coming leaders benefit from understanding what’s going on with their clients and key team members. Family members gain incredible insight into what’s really going on at home when their spouse or child feels something intensely. And of most immediate importance – we understand what’s going on inside of us – and EXACTLY what to do about it.

Answers are right here. If you want to understand emotions, this book is exactly the tool you want. If you need to cut past the emotion to communicate effectively on critical issues, add this book to your library right now. If you want to learn the foundation to gain almost magical insight into what’s really going on inside of others, read Emotional Genius.

Recommended with Emotional Genius are Dr. Conway’s books Above It All and Freedom Found.


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