The Elf and The Amulet

| October 14, 2017


Many things which seem useless are magical to those who know how to use them…

Waet Tree Village has family roots and traditions as ancient as the silver trees themselves. It is here that Chassy, Nita and Andrev were born, and here they are expected to remain until they die. Chassy Waet will join in the village’s great silk weaving tradition. His best friend, Nita Smyth, will become a dutiful wife and mother. Her brother, Andrev, will run the family’s inn.

Their idyllic life starts to unravel when the dying wizard Vornole arrives at the inn and sends them on a dangerous quest to recover a magical amulet on the other side of the known world. They learn that the world outside of Waet Tree Village is nothing like the storybooks they grew up with, and the Amulet of Hope is only the beginning. Will they prevail?

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