The Puppy Training Handbook: The Complete Guide to Obedience, Crate Training and Housebreaking Your New Puppy

| October 15, 2017


Congratulations on your new puppy!

Having an adorable new pet puppy in the home is one of the greatest joys a family can experience together—until your new little bundle starts chewing your new shoes to shreds, endlessly barking at nothing, nipping at everyone who crosses his path and leaving unsavory presents all around the house.

So how can you start now to build the foundation for a well-mannered pooch that you can be proud of?

In The Puppy Training Handbook, you’ll discover the essentials for helping your new family addition become the family dog of your dreams rather than the one of your nightmares.

You’ll learn:

  • Puppy training principles
  • The items you’ll need to effectively train your puppy
  • Various puppy training techniques, including luring, capturing, shaping, visual cues and clicker training
  • How to puppy-proof your home
  • How to house-train your puppy
  • How to crate-train your puppy
  • How to teach your puppy tricks
  • How to socialize your puppy
  • How to deal with common behavior problems

Each section offers step-by-step instructions, and introduces your puppy to progressively more challenging principles throughout the training process.

So start now and begin to forge a solid, healthy relationship with your new pooch—a relationship filled with the love and trust that can only be received from man (and woman!)’s best friend. Download today!

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