Super Cowboy Rides

| August 1, 2013


Super Cowboy Rides

This award-winning middle-grade novel by newspaper columnist, Daris Howard, addresses issues such as friendship, bullying, caring for pets, and how to deal with annoying and bossy brothers, all while making you laugh so hard you might have an accident if you’re not careful. WARNING: Use the bathroom BEFORE reading this book.

“SUPER COWBOY RIDES reminds me of when I was a boy and we would visit my grandparents’ farm in Utah where my cousins would try, in a loving way, to kill me. It has a ring of authenticity; I loved each chapter.” ~Jack Weyland, best-selling author of Charly and other YA novels

Meet six-year-old Tommy Johnson, Super Cowboy and Super Story-teller. His tale of why a boy needs a dog for a pet instead of a cat typifies the down-to-earth, humorous view of a Western farm boy. But once Tommy starts school, things get complicated. He gets put in the lowest reading group and told to stay in the back of the classroom. He’s picked on by his teacher and mocked by classmates. When tragedy strikes, Tommy must carry a burden beyond what any first-grader should have to face. In the process of dealing with his grief, this young cowboy learns the meaning of true friendship.

“These evocative tales of boyhood in rural America are rich with honest sentiment. Daris Howard’s young hero learns lessons on the real meaning of friendship, on problems with bullies, on where babies come from, and ultimately what things matter most.” ~ Chip Deffaa, author Voices of the Jazz Age.

“This is the perfect family read-out-loud book. What will this little cowboy do next? We laughed so hard, and my eight-year-old begged me to not stop reading. SUPER COWBOY RIDES reels you in from the first page.” ~ Stephanie Ashcroft, NY Times Best-selling author of 101 Things to Do with a Cake Mix


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