Old Lamps, New Life: The DIY Guide to Repurposing and Rewiring Vintage Lamps

| October 16, 2017


This DIY Guide to Rewiring and Repurposing Vintage Lamps features easy steps to rewire an old lamp without electrocuting yourself, how to make a new lampshade as well as specific troubleshooting for unique lamps. You will find comprehensive tutorials on how to rewire lamps with multiple sockets or how to restore the cosmetic elements of a lamp to its former glory (techniques to refurbish glass, metal, brass, and wood).


• How to take apart an old lamp and put it back together
• How to rewire a lamp without electrocuting yourself
• How to rewire lamps with multiple sockets
• How to replace a damaged lamp shade in a snap
• How to refurbish vintage lamps and give them a modern look
• How to refinish wood lamps and make them look like new
• How to do a full lamp makeover, from rewiring to making a new lamp shade
• How to repair thrift store lamps and refurbish delicate materials, like glass and metal
• How to strip the electrical wiring on a lamp
• How to tie an underwriter’s knot to rewire a lamp base
• How to rewire a clip-on desk lamp
• How to sell refurbished lamps for a profit online

Also included in the e-Book Video Demonstrations and Other Bonus Content:

• Video Tutorial: How to take apart a lamp (and be confident that you can put it back together)
• Video Tutorial: How to rewire and refresh a vintage glass lamp
• Video Tutorial: Make money by selling refurbished lamps
• Checklist: Tools and materials you need to get started
• Checklist: Things you must always do before and during a lamp refurbishing project

? Important FAQ ?
Due to the electrical standards of our products which are made in the US, this e-Book is only relevant to customers based in United States and Canada.

???? What other readers think of this DIY Guide:

“Before reading this book, I NEVER would have considered taking on a project like rewiring a lamp. Now that I’ve seen it all laid out with clear illustrations and explanations, I feel confident I could rewire and update an old lamp that’s seen better days. Having this guide to take me step by step through the process will make my lamp project a success for sure.” — CAROLE RAINS, RUSTICARTISTRY.COM

? About the author?

Kiri Masters is the owner and founder of I Like That Lamp. After years of taking lamps apart and putting them back together, she decided to pour all of her DIY lamp-making knowledge into a comprehensive e-book to help fellow lamp lovers rewire and refurbish their beautiful old lamps.

With “Old Lamps, New Life”, Kiri aims to empower fellow lamp lovers with the know-how to make their own custom lighting projects so they won’t have to settle for the limited selection of lighting available in stores. Not only is it possible to make a lamp you truly love, it’s also fast, easy, and a fraction of the cost of designer lighting!

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