| October 26, 2017


August is a criminal. August knows he is a criminal. But August must never remember his crime…

Off the coast of Beacon City, August enjoys a life of peaceful seclusion on the island of Asylum – a life severed from his past. Every morning, every day, every night, August and the other inmates are pumped full of Forgiveness. The drug clouds the mind, shatters the memory, and forces a grin. But some lives – some crimes – are too powerful to be forgotten. At the sight of a rose, August is hurtled into a vision of his heartbreaking past: A beloved sister lost in the sea, a mother frantic with grief, an idealistic brother enraged by the world… a field of roses billowing in the twilight. Against the laws of Asylum and the Forgiveness gushing through his own veins, August pursues his previous life as it pursues him. If he allows even a single guard to catch the slightest glimpse of his lucidity, he’ll be hauled down to the chambers to be Wiped. But are some lives not worth remembering? Are some crimes too evil to be forgiven?

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