Krikos: The Vertical Horizon

| October 17, 2017


Human Beings…. What if one day we achieve everything that we have been trying to, and end up having nothing left to channel our ‘true purpose’? What would we do? Would we survive after realizing our Universal futility? Or would we succumb to our primitive instincts of finding a temporary lesser purpose… Like that of waging war? Get onboard a majestic journey into the era of limitlessness, thousands of years into the future, when mankind has conquered all it had ever sought to; And get the answer to the most important question of all…. ‘Why?’…
Also… the Earth doesn’t exist then. Humans reside in a humungous man-made celestial-settlement-station, which is powered by the Sun itself. It is larger than the average star, and is informally called a ‘Star-Eater’. Although, its official name is…. ‘Krikos’.


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