Amish Love Be True (Amish Peace Valley Series)

| October 17, 2017


He’s beaten the monster. For now.

As much as Abram misses having his wife at home, he is scared of losing control. He will never forgive himself if he hurts his wife again, or if his infant daughter grows up to fear him. So he does his best to keep them at arm’s length as he faces his own demons. But as Abram grows more confident in his ability to control his temper, will he and Hannah find the faith in each other to live together again as husband and wife?

Find out in Amish Love be True, Book 3 of Rachel Stoltzfus’s second Amish Peace Valley trilogy. Amish Peace Valley is an uplifting Christian series about the saving grace of faith, community, and love.

If you love a book about a husband overcoming his failings and finding the strength to love his wife truly, start reading Amish Love be True today.


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