Laughter in the Wind

| October 20, 2017


For Tom Wolfe, a civil suit lawyer fallen on hard times. the trial is his last chance. For Corey Hagen, a young man with Down’s syndrome, the trial is a chance for people to understand. For both, it’s the start of a special friendship neither of them had seen coming.
When Corey’s Golden Retriever is brutally killed, he seeks justice through a civil suit that no one takes seriously, well not at first. Many people take one look at Corey and dismiss him right away because of his condition. He finds solace at the animal shelter where volunteers, but that too is in trouble as its proprietor Chelsey Trainer is struggling with the surmounting financial troubles.
Tom has been harboring a pain since he was 12. He blames himself for something he had no control over at all; a death of a loved one. It has haunted him all his life, and even though he had tried to keep the pain drowned with alcohol, it keeps resurfacing. Tom is assigned the Corey’s case and knows he cannot mess this one up. Soon he learns that the case is not like any other he had before, nor is Corey what he expected either.
Laughter in the Wind is a novel about dealing with the loss of a loved one and how people deal with it. Tom Wolfe just wants to forget his, while Corey wants people to understand his. The two of them will go through great lengths to achieve their goals, only to have one of them actually get what he wants.


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