Simple Kitchen: The Essentials You Need to Cook Your Most Joyful Meals

| October 21, 2017


From the author of MINIMALIST LIVING comes a new succinct guide to cooking in an easier, more joyful way. Co-authored by two foodies married to each other, SIMPLE KITCHEN is a quick read that will appeal to anyone who feels overwhelmed by all the recipe books out there and all the kitchen gadgets we are told are “indispensable.” This mini-book will especially aid those who find themselves in sudden need of dazzling cooking skills because they want to impress a date or the love of their life. It’s also a great resource for those moving into a new place and wondering what gear they really need to properly outfit a minimalist kitchen. This guide isn’t for you if you’re looking for directives for a vegan lifestyle or low-fat diet. Rather, you’ll find “unrecipes” for simple, joyful meals full of bright flavors boosted by healthy fats with suggestions for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

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