NARMER The Conqueror

| October 22, 2017


Narmer is a thrilling, action packed, fictionalized dramatization based on the historical achievement of the Kushite leader and King of Kings Narmer aka Menes, a reluctant leader that is chosen to be King after he leads his Empire in war against foreign invaders trying to usurp power.

Dated back to 3100 B.C. this story details Narmer’s rise from the Chief of a small village to becoming King of the Kushite Empire, and starting the African dynastic lineage. A dynastic lineage which today historical, and archaeological evidence show us that they were the leaders of one of the most highly advanced civilization of that time.

Narmer takes you back to a time when Africa and its Nile Valley Civilization were the influence, and breadbasket to the known world. They projected endless prosperity because of their strong food production, thanks to the rich soil courtesy of the yearly floods of the overflowing Nile River. Combined with the Kushite people’s highly advanced concepts of science, technology, and spirituality. The people in the Nile Valley of Northeast Africa achieved heights that amazed visitors from foreign lands.

This lead neighboring countries, who were familiar with the Nile Valley’s prosperity to naturally want a piece of this world famous breadbasket. So in their pursuit for a stronger economy, and world recognition, the natives of these neighboring countries continually migrated to the Nile Valley with dreams of wealth and power. The foreigners arrived as traders whom operated on the Mediterranean seacoast, but eventually they evolved into several different prosperous communities within the Delta regions. An area, which the Kushites simultaneously use as a welcoming area to play host to the rest of the world, while displaying the heights of their Nile Valley civilization and their Kushite Empire.

Even though the Delta is a part of the Kushite Empire, because of the difference in altitude above sea level and the steady increase of foreign settlers. The Kushites viewed it as a separate region, and ruled from their throne farther south at Thebes. The authority of the throne being in the south at Thebes only lead to more foreigners landing in the Delta region to call the Nile Valley their home. This practice eventually frustrated the Kushites. So after continuous warnings to the foreigners, to stop the migrating of their countrymen into the Delta regions and the foreign population failing to do so. Narmer and the rest of the Kushite Empire rage war against the foreigners, and take back full control of the Delta regions. Once again unifying the upper and lower regions of the Kushite Empire as one.

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