Everyday Mindfulness Made Easy

| October 23, 2017


Mindfulness is a very effective way of improving your quality of life and also has applications for many health conditions. In this book, mindfulness will be defined and the benefits outlined followed by a discussion of formal and informal mindfulness practices for your everyday life.

When you buy this book you will get:

•a good balance between information and practical advice.

• an ideal introduction for those new to the discipline as well as having something to offer those who already practice mindfulness in their daily lives.

•a comprehensive section of links and resources for further information, most of them freely available online

•other links to useful information throughout the text.

The practices outlined in this book are being used effectively by the author as everyday principles and are beneficial in improving her quality of life on a daily basis. Just try these ideas and see the difference for yourself if you suffer from stress or anxiety or are just overwhelmed sometimes by the pace and pressure of your lifestyle and commitments.

Buy this comprehensive guide today to introduce and accompany you on your mindfulness journey. Reading it and using the practical suggestions is well worth your time.

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