THE TROUSERS Parables for the 21st Century

| October 24, 2017


Throughout history, people used parables as a means to provide a refreshing look into various human situations, handing down wisdom and imparting moral values.

The audience not only enjoyed the highly intriguing story, but had also the joy of uncovering the truth that was stored within the parable.

In a unique blend of inspiration and imagination, prolific writer and Nobel Prize nominee, Shlomo Kalo, brings readers of all ages new, fascinating parables for modern day living in a hectic and sometimes forgetful world.

Each one of the twenty-six parables is different and provides something exclusive and powerful. Each parable has its own setting and feel. Each story enriches us spiritually and humanly in its own refreshing way, making us laugh, ponder, or soulfully move our spirits. From The Man and the Tiger, to The Wondrous Princess, to The Sultan and Destiny, to The Blind and the Sighted, this book is crammed with fun, novelty, faith and wisdom on every page.

“Written by the genius hand of Shlomo Kalo, these fascinating parables will make you understand the richness of the happiness you have always longed for!”
Rivka Zohar

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