The Do-Over (Extra Credit Book 2)

| October 24, 2017


They’ve got a second chance at hate….

Matt and Annika have History. When they first met *(&*@# hit the fan. Now a year later, they’ve both landed in a pilot class for college students in trouble and sparks are still flying….

Because Matt thinks Annika is a snarky, mean-spirited, bitter, vengeful–albeit beautiful–bitch. And Annika thinks Matt is a phony, lying, untrustworthy, too smooth–albeit super-hot–jerk. When they are forced to work together can they untangle the mess of their past and pull off a do-over?

Extra Credit is a New Adult series that takes place on a college campus and puts three unlikely couples together to see what happens. Each novella is in dual point-of-view with a happy ending that can be read as a standalone, though they’re better together…! The series includes sexy times that are only meant for readers over 18.

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