Robot Ascension: The Rise of the Robosapiens

| October 24, 2017


This book is a near-future science fiction thriller of intrigue, love, war and survival for humans and robots. At their Alaskan factory the Johnson family develops robots to assist miners. Fortuitously, those robots prove ideal for cleaning up and rebuilding war-damaged cities.

Respected as a war hero, Kantak serves as Governor of Alaska and is subsequently elected to the Parliament of the newly -formed North American Alliance headquartered in Canada. Kantak turns over the Alaska robot factory to his daughter Luanne, fresh from college and business school.

She and Kantak design and make a special robot named James to assist her in the business. The three of them design and build a Robotic Cloud to receive, store and redistribute what their robots learn in their work.

But times are uneasy. Fast-money speculators play rough, and human workers fear for their jobs. Then old quarrels between East and West reignite conflict, this time using robot armies.

The robots, concluding that humans cannot be dissuaded from greed and war, take appropriate action.

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