Kids book: Kids book: Happy Halloween for Little Pumpkin (Bedtime stories Book 1)

| October 24, 2017



This is a kids book about a little pumpkin who can’t grow up  like its siblings.

Halloween is coming. Everybody wants big pumpkins.

What will happen to our Little pumpkin?

You will find in this book

  • A way to explain to your kids why they should eat and drink enough foods and water
  • An example to teach your kids “joy is sharing”
  • An instance to educate your kids “suitable” is better than “best”
  • A lesson that “Nobody is invaluable. You are precious to who can find values in you.”

This book is

  • one work in a series of bedtime stories
  • a short story for kids from 3 – 5 (most suitable)
  • for beginner readers
  • a picture book so it’s better to be read on color screens

If you want to give your lovely children an interesting gift in Halloween, this short story book is for you.

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