| October 25, 2017


Your Definitive Guide to Dreams and their meanings!
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Discover the easiest way to interpret your dreams

In Dreams – A No-Fluff Guide to Dreams Meanings, Dreams Symbols and Nightmares Hidden Meaning – Sleep Tight and End Sleepless Nights, you’ll learn what a dream is and how to identify that you are having a dream. You will also learn how to identify different elements in a dream and what significance they may have in your life. If you have ever wondered where dreams originate in the first place, this book is definitely for you. You will not only learn the origins of dreams and how to analyze them, you will also gain insight into:

•Common dream themes
•Dream analysis
•Recognizing nightmares
•Sleeping soundly
•How to recall your dreams

Knowing what dream themes to pay attention to, you will be able to better analyze and interpret the dreamyou have. Gain confidence as you learn how to deal with nightmares, and begin to understand that just like pleasant dreams, nightmares are also very important. Learn the easiest way to remember your dreams, and how to use the information you gained to your advantage.

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Sleep like a baby knowing that you will understand whatever type of dream you have, and that you will be able to recognize and deal with the nightmares when they come. Gain confidence as you become able to recall your dreams and communicate with your subconscious.

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