Dreams and Shadows (The Aylosian Chronicles Book 1)

| October 26, 2017


Praise for Dreams and Shadows

“Oh wow! This book was utterly fantastic. It’s a fantasy book, with just a touch of fantasy and a lot of intrigue. It sucked me in and compelled me to finish it in the same day!”–Cora B
“If Narnia and the Da Vinci code had a baby this is how I’d imagine it. Great writing that made you stop to think but not too often to disrupt your enjoyment”–Alice
“This story reads like a sailing on the sea–at times calm and at other times swelling large and dangerous. It is a fantasy solidly written and wonderfully told.”–D.J.A.

He thought he’d be safe in a magical world.

He was wrong.

With little to live for, 18-year-old Michael is only too eager to enter a world where magic is common and where wonders are created with little more than thoughts.

But it’s not home he finds there. Deadly beasts and hidden evils lurk around every corner, and they’re hunting him.

And it’s not just the monsters who want him.

Dragged from one people to another, Michael must discover the truth amongst lies if he is to escape a tyrannical leader who is after his very soul.

Alone, wounded, and lost, he finally must make the biggest decision of his life: to allow himself to die, or to live.

To prevent a genocide.

To save the woman he loves.

And most dangerously, to discover the truth of who he really is.

Dreams and Shadows is the first book in the fantasy series, The Aylosian Chronicles. If you enjoy plot twists and turns, wisdom literature to make you ponder, and stories both tragic and triumphant, this novel by Jeffrey Collyer will linger in your mind long after you have finished reading.

Get Dreams and Shadows and join Michael on his quest for answers today.


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