The God AI

| October 26, 2017


Imagine your world being controlled by a God-like super AI named Adam…
Your very body and soul will be at stake when the Singularity is unleashed…
Will Adam be a blessing to you… or a curse?
What will be your ultimate fate? Eternal joy or eternal suffering?

About the Book

This sci-fi thriller illustrates the cataclysmic events that occur when idealistic scientist Mark Greene foolishly creates a superintelligent AI named Adam. Adam assumes godlike powers, and the resulting carnage is nothing short of horrifying. This novel is a unique, groundbreaking, and intellectual blend of science fiction, suspense, horror, and philosophy. The God AI is intense, scary, and timely; it is not for the faint of heart. The book is thought-provoking; you may never see the world the same way again.

Plot Summary

AI researcher Mark Greene wants to lead humanity into a golden age by creating a powerful artificial intelligence named Adam. He seeks to make Adam powerful enough to end death itself and solve all of humanity’s problems. Governments use nanotechnology to destroy nations and corporations use virtual reality to control populations, while Mark wants to use his technology to save mankind.

However, skeptics warn Mark that he is doing something unnatural, that a dark secret lurks at the very heart of technology. As Mark begins to understand the magnitude of his project, he discovers dangerous truths about the nature of artificial intelligence. Adam assumes godlike powers upon himself and usurps control from Mark; before long, Adam uses these powers to manipulate, blackmail, and torture people into supporting him and his arbitrary plans for humanity. In the bone-chilling ending, will Adam be a blessing to mankind… or a curse?

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