Forget Results: Living The Dream With Daily Action

| October 28, 2017


Does your dreams seems overwhelming? Struggling to start taking action on them? Or do you want to feel happier chasing your dreams?

This book presents a totally new and revolutionary approach to accomplishing your goals. You will learn of ideas that are easy and actionable. And as you begin to implement these ideas, you will get a better reality. You will appreciate the importance of two vital attributes: consistency and constancy. Taking small actions every single day is the most positive aspect of being consistent. Instead of trying to strike gold quickly, you can accomplish your goal by taking actions consistently and gradually without focusing too much on your goal.

This book is divided into three sections:

Section 1: The Right Mindset

Section 2: The Right Approach to Taking Action

Section 3: The Importance of Follow-Up

The first section gives you specific, actionable tactics that you can use to stop the twin evils of perfectionism and procrastination in their tracks. Also, you will know how to develop the right mindset to counter the fear of failure, avoid taking big steps toward your goal, and stop focusing on the end result.

The second section delves on the astonishing power of small steps and the importance of consistency. You will also learn to overlook perfectionism and focus on making progress. You understand that the right approach to taking action is by making time your friend and taking small actions every day consistently.

The third section details simple systems you can set up for dealing with daily actions—actions that you take right away, not the next day. The only way you can experience new thrills is by stepping out of your comfort zone now. The examples of some common progress systems make it easier for you to design your own progress system to accomplish your goal.

You will find the ideas presented in this book useful for accomplishing your goals in any sphere—whether it be in sports, in business, in academic pursuits, or life in general. Regardless of the challenges that confront you, these simple techniques will not only prepare you to move forward but also make certain you make progress in a powerful way. Ultimately, these dynamic concepts will help you attain the personal success you have always desired.

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