The Lunar Gambit

| October 29, 2017


His ship is wrecked. His missiles are gone. And he’s been thrust into command on his first tour. What could go wrong?

Lucas Odin seems like a qualified first officer–on paper. But his only battles so far have been simulations, each one a miserable failure. He just isn’t a “take charge” kind of guy. To be honest, he’d rather spend his first tour gaming on the ship’s modded sims than dealing with real people. But when the Starship Fairfax is waylaid by pirates, Lucas inherits a mission already doomed to fail. If he wants to keep the ship flying, keep his crew alive, and take back what was stolen, there’s only one way:

By taking charge.

The Lunar Gambit is the first-in-series of Starship Fairfax, a military science fiction adventure set in the Kuiper Chronicles universe. You can learn more about the series and the author at:

Titles in The Starship Fairfax Series:
0.5: The Trials of Io (a newsletter-exclusive short prequel story)
0.75: Totaled (a free short prequel story)
Book 1: The Lunar Gambit
Book 2: The Hidden Prophet
Book 3: The Neptune Contingency
Book 4: The Star Wizard (coming soon)
Book 5: The Sons of Jupiter (coming soon)

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