VP or not to be… (A Man On A Mission… To Save The U.S.A.)

| August 9, 2013


VP or not to be... (A Man On A Mission... To Save The U.S.A.)

The year is 2017.

The newly-elected Republican President, Dean Kirk, unknowingly has only ten days left to live. He’s survived four assassination attempts already. Are there more to follow? His VP, Steve Hancock, is driven to take major action – before it’s too late.

Enter Callie Braxton, proofreader at Albright Publishing. A manuscript she’s proofreading reveals “far more than it should.” Amid assassination plots and an affair, Hancock faces the wrath of his lover’s revenge.

Will the master plan to end President Kirk’s life succeed? Or will Steve Hancock finally win the race – the ultimate race of all – to save the U.S.A. from destroying itself?

Make yourself comfy for a great read!


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