The Wicked Garden

| October 30, 2017


A prophecy brought them together. A curse tore them apart.

Gretchel Shea is a beautiful woman with a lovely family, a gorgeous house, and a country-club membership. As far as her neighbors are concerned, she’s living the dream. It’s just that the dream she’s living is not her own, and a nightmare festers beneath all the luxury.

Eli Stewart has never gotten over Gretchel. He’s spent the seventeen years since she left him building the semblance of a life, but a chance encounter unsettles him from this comfortably numb existence, stirs memories he’s tried to bury, and compels him to seek out his lost love.

As Gretchel and Eli stumble towards each other, forces—human and otherwise—rally to keep them apart. Will they find the strength to create their own future, or will they succumb to a cycle of violence that reverberates through the centuries?

The first volume in a multigenerational saga with roots in the witch trials of the 1600s, The Wicked Garden explores the role of mythic resonance and familial inheritance in our lives, and asks if it’s possible for the present to heal the past.

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