Vegan Facts: Why You Should Go Vegan Now!

| October 30, 2017


Why You and Everyone You Know Should Go Vegan NOW!

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You’re about to wake up to the truth that “they” don’t want you to know and how you can take action RIGHT NOW to change your life and this planet! There’s no need to jazz up or stretch the truth because it is very short and simple, just like this book.

We only know what we’ve been programmed to know. We came into this world like a brand new sponge and we were immediately dunked into a pool of information that we don’t even realize are a bunch of lies fed to us through propaganda! This deception has affected our lives and it continues putting more money in other people’s pockets at the expense of our health and the quality of life on our planet.

Some of us are not ready to accept this information and are willing to keep living the life we’ve always lived because it hasn’t affected us enough to spark a need for change. However, there are others who desire a better quality of life and realize that we contribute to the betterment of humanity by giving back to the planet, not taking away from it. We don’t give back by slaughtering innocent lives to fill our appetite, destroying land and wild life, emitting deadly gas emissions into the air that pierce the protective layer of our planet to keep from global warming, and testing harsh chemicals on the skin of the innocent. We truly are doing much more harm than good this way. Research proves that if the meat industry demands continue climbing the way it’s been, we are surely headed to a 6th mass extinction.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Brief history of veganism
  • Why you should not consume meat
  • The benefits of a vegan lifestyle
  • How you can lose weight quickly and safely
  • How you help the environment
  • How animals are affected
  • Much, much

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