Cordon of Lies (Sgt Major Crane crime thriller)

| August 2, 2013


Cordon of Lies (Sgt Major Crane crime thriller)

Two murders 10 years apart.
An injustice wrapped in a cordon of lies.
An SIB detective determined to uncover the truth.
When Carol Newton was murdered 10 years ago her killer was spirited out of the country by the British Army. But now, it seems he’s back. Another young army wife Melanie Green has been murdered. In the same place. In the same way. A stiletto type dagger plunged into her heart.
Sgt Major Crane, a Branch detective with the Royal Military Police, must battle against an army that is closing ranks to protect their reputation, their killer and their indiscretions. Can Crane blow the case wide open and find the killer and his conspirators? Will he achieve justice for the two women? Or will the army win – again?
A military mystery, that reads like a police procedural.
“Crane is a charismatic leading man and is one of the more interesting new genre protagonists I’ve encountered in quite a while!” Chris Algernon.
“A fast paced crime thriller for lovers of this genre everywhere.” Keith Thomas International Broadcaster
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