Dangerous Pride

| August 2, 2013


An historical romance set in 18th century Scotland

Dangerous Pride is the story of two people who struggle to set aside their fears to explore passions they are unable to deny.

Scotland 1702.

Meet Lachlan Forbes. He has always been a part of Catriona Ogilvy’s life, and she has loved him for as long as she can remember. When duty, deception and clan conflicts separate the two, she fears it is a love that is never to be realized.

When Lachlan gets terribly injured in the massacre at Glencoe, he is stuck with emotional and physical scars that make him doubt his value as a man and husband. Bound by honor to marry a woman he doesn’t love, he is forced to confront his feelings for Catriona as she matures into a beautiful, compassionate and brave woman he fears he will never deserve.

Set against the backdrop of historical Scotland and the Jacobite conflict, Lachlan and Catriona must overcome treachery, murder and deceit to be together.

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