The Amazing Wondertime Adventurebox

| November 4, 2017


Join a Boy and His Dog on Three Exciting Adventures Across Time!

What would you do if you found a mysterious box in the woods behind your house? Would you get inside if it asked you to? Would you be brave enough to close the lid?

The Amazing Wondertime Adventurebox, is an adventure series starring Journey and his faithful dog, Stamps. Together, they discover a strange box in the woods. Join them as this box takes them on three very exciting adventures across time.

In the first adventure, our adventurers travel to an archaeological site in Peru where Journey discovers the solution to a deadly trap.

In the second adventure, we find Journey and Stamps in the middle of the American Revolutionary War where Journey is asked to complete a top-secret mission.

Finally, travel with our thrill seekers to a tropical island, where Journey faces off against a strange monster.

Along with these adventures, you’ll discover where the box came from, who built it, and why it was abandoned in the woods.

Grab your copy and be a part of these exciting adventures today!

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