Poetic State of Mind

| November 7, 2017



“The poetry in this book surrounds itself with beautiful words that guide us
with understandings of what love can be. Aditi Shukla has succeeded
in telling a story through a series of poems and musings to the best of
most peoples’ abilities. You can end up reading it again and again.
Don’t say we didn’t warn you.”
–Atl Walton, Author

“Aditi’s poems are musical and only a true lover of poetry can enjoy its sweet and exotic flavor.”
– Mosiur Rehman, Poet and Novelist.

“In our lives, we experience an array of experiences and emotions. In Poetic State of Mind, the author creatively enlightens readers with reflections of love, heartbreak and strength. The musings are uplifting thoughts of encouragement, empowering messages about finding oneself after a breakup, and feelings about taking risks in relationships. The writings inspired me to reflect on my own life and relationships.”
–Dr. Grace LaJoy Henderson, Author/Speaker/Workshop Leader

“I love the concept of words and pictures. It’s intriguing and, a book you can go to again and again. Great concept.
Your words have an ethereal quality to them, like a brush with silk or the aroma of jasmine.”
–Stephanie Evans, Author

“A beautiful presentation, where words and images are in tandem. The poems really touch the heartstrings
and the images with them complement the emotions expressed!”
– Syeda F.R, Poet and Short story writer

“A tender and reflective collection on the one thing we all need – love.”
–Francesca Baker, Blogger of ‘And So She Thinks’

We are all hopelessly inept people struggling every day to form coherent sentences to express ourselves but somehow failing to do so. This book is filled with such words. Words that form sentences together and sentences which together form a story. Your story. Go ahead and try to find yourself inside this book. It’ll be a journey you won’t regret This book is a creative and beautiful reflection of love, heartbreak and strength. A simple and heartfelt collection of musings and poems.

An upcoming Instagram poet. Check out her account @poetic_stateof_mind

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