A Demon Saved

| November 8, 2017


How long can the good times last for the Demon Guardian?

Michael Gilbert has been a Guardian of the Temple for two years. Still savoring the newness of being part of a team, having friends, and actively working for good, his Demon Realm origins are now a strange memory he doesn’t miss. He and his Priestess, May Fletcher, devote themselves to the Human Realm, and the safety of those who inhabit it.
But there’s someone out there who wants to eliminate all traces of demons from the whole Human Realm— including anyone who has gotten close to one— and he has just the weapons to do it. Now Michael must confront his own mortality, his new and unfamiliar thoughts about what family means, and the effects his death would have on the humans he cares for. Throw in a needy nefil woman and a young man who only recently discovered that he is half demon, and Michael finds his plate very full.
Michael must try to shield everyone he has come to care about from this mad man’s ambitions, but when that man is bent on the destruction of even a trace of his kind, who can save the Demon of Riverton?

A Demon Saved is an urban fantasy adventure, featuring Michael Gilbert: exiled demon, Temple Guardian, and an outsider determined to keep his place. Book three in the Demon Guardian Series

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