Author interview with Kamen Iliev of ‘Procrastination: How to Overcome It, Destroy Laziness, and Become a Master of Productivity’

Author Interview with Kamen Iliev

It has been proven time and time again, that the person who knows how to get things done is always the one everybody likes to depend on. Taking responsibility for our own actions and being effective is essential to personal growth and success.



Do you want to be the person that everyone depends on? Kamen Iliev, author of ‘Procrastination: How to Overcome It, Destroy Laziness, and Become a Master of Productivity’ has set aside a few minutes to give us a few tips on how to become a more dependable person. Kamen, can you share a little about what readers can find in your book?

In this book, I share my strategies for personal growth and development as well as offers practical advice on how to achieve the lifestyle you truly desire. I focus deeply on the internal psychological processes that govern our habits and how we interact with each other through our physiology. Understanding your psychological mechanisms and habits is the only way to successfully re-program yourself and get rid of laziness.



What inspired you to write a book to encourage others to re-program their lives?

The times that I felt my best is when I was helping other people and putting a smile on their face. It is not a unique phenomenon, pretty much all of us are like that, although some of us are too afraid to admit and show it. People live to bring happiness and pleasure to others but are also afraid to not get hurt in return. I think that by publishing my book openly I can reach many like-minded individuals and put myself out there completely. If this book helps at least 1 person turn his life around than my mission is a success and I will feel happy about it.



How many of the strategies that you share for growth developed from events in your own life?

The entire book is based on past experiences. I write only about things that I have lived through and about challenges that I have managed to overcome. I want my advice to be backed up by experience and confidence.



What have you personally found most rewarding from sharing this confidence and experiences?

I admitted my mistakes, managed to center myself, and structure all my thoughts and ideas about procrastination in one place. I was self-diagnosing during the whole time I was writing this book and discovered many strengths and weaknesses in myself. I can say that I have become more disciplined and honest with myself.




What can you honestly say is the core ideal that you found during this process of centring yourself that you hope readers take from your book?

Learn to love, trust, and be honest with yourself. Everything fades and nothing is forever. People come and go. You are your best and only certain ally in this world. You need to stand up and fight for your ideas and goals. Your choices matter in this world.



You keep returning to the importance of choices. What choices have you made, and what projects are you working on right now?

Several online businesses and a book on the topic of anxiety.



With a new book on anxiety expected in the near future, it is clear to see that you’ve started to fall in love with writing. What has drawn you back to the pen?

I write because I want to share my ideas and come out of my shell. Expressing myself gives me a lot of confidence and drive.



Are you thinking about your confidence and drive as you write? Or do you thoughts turn to other things while you’re writing?

I just phase out and flow. Editing afterwards is a much more scary process. :=)



It editing is that scary you must be doing it yourself!

Yes, I read it over and over and over again. Every time I pass through it I correct something. It is never perfect and it will never be. I am new to the writing scene and I am still learning. I count a lot on my readers to stir me in the right direction.



Does the combination of the ‘phasing out and flow’ technique combined with reader direction mean that you have a clear ending in sight before you start typing?

Well, to be honest, I write on foot. When I decide on a topic I start constantly discussing the ideas and principles behind it with people from my social circles. Keep in mind that my books are greatly based on collective opinions. That is why I appreciate feedback and criticism so much.



Do you have a strict writing technique to capture and expand upon the collective opinions you work with?

I do not have a fixed schedule. I usually record myself when ideas come into my head. Later on, I sit and write them down. The inspirations are my daily activities and the people around me.



What do you feel you have found from these inspirations that have helped you get most out of your self-publishing career so far? What would you recommend to others?

Quality, not quantity. Listen to your readers. Respect your readers.



Respecting your readers is paramount.   But it’s always good to have a little fun with your readers as well. Let’s have a little fun of our own with a few quick-fire questions; starting with why isn’t there mouse-flavoured cat food?

I have tried rat once in a dodgy street restaurant in China. It tastes similar to chicken… Do they have chicken-flavored cat food?



Yep, I’m fairly sure that they do, but I doubt that they have the chicken flavoured ones because they think it tastes like rat. Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavour, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

I squeeze my own lemon juice and wash my dishes with baking soda. :D



Good for you. What is your zodiac sign?




And, if you invented a monster what would it look like and what would you call it?

The fat monster. It makes you eat all kinds of junk and haunts you at night!



That sounds pretty scary to me! If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?

Le Sabertooth duck!



*Laughs* Now he sounds pretty awesome! What word do you think is awesome?




The return to confidence! Let’s return to confidence in style by having you share your favourite line from ‘Procrastination: How to Overcome It, Destroy Laziness, and Become a Master of Productivity’?

Ask yourself the right questions.



Kamen, thanks for giving us a taste of some of the right questions that we should be asking ourselves today, and I encourage readers who are looking for more help asking the right questions to pick up your book today.


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Procrastination: How to Overcome It, Destroy Laziness, and Become a Master of Productivity ( ASIN: B0776LJYTP )‘.

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