Children’s Books: Don’t Mess With the Monsters (Recommended book for children)

| August 3, 2013


Children's Books: Don't Mess With the Monsters (Recommended book for children)

Fun & Creative Children’s Book

Meet Johnny. Not only is he a smart kid, he is also very creative and imaginative. But Johnny struggles with cleaning up his favorite toys at the end of the day, just like every other child in the world and maybe even like yours…?
Playing with toys is great, but cleaning up after himself is not Johnny’s strongest character trait. His mom is getting very frustrated with this, so much that it Johnny to imagine monsters in the shadows in his bed room every night.
Meet Dad. He has an amazing solution to all Johnny and Mom’s problems…

Any parent can use at home

This is a simple but very effective solution any parent can use at home that will cause any child to clean up left behind toys. If your child is like Johnny, and you are looking for an effective strategy you can implement together with your child, this book is absolutely a must have!
Not only can you read it together with your child, it also teaches parents one of the most effective clean-up games. Wonder what it is? Find out in this fun and creative book!

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