Not My Type

| November 9, 2017


Laugh, cry and weep at this unlikely tale that will shred all your perceptions of where love can be found!

“Was I going crazy?”
“Who was this guy?”
“What were these mad feels?”

He was so not my type.
From his beard, a massive bushy overgrowth all over his cheeks and chin, to his blue velvet jacket, open shirt, hairy gold medallioned chest over mega skinny jeans and black patent leather shoes.
Let’s not even start with the cologne.
He just wasn’t my kind of man.
So why then did my body and soul ache with longing for him after I’d filed him under FHF.
Forget. Him. Forever?

This is a girl-meets-guy, girl-can’t-stand-guy, guy-blows-her-off-her-feet tale of caution that only illustrates you can’t pick the one you love. The heart wants what the heart wants.

P.S. ‘Not. My. Type’ is a cheeky, short and sweet ode to finding unlikely love and is dedicated to all the girls out there with a ‘list’.

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