Today I Hugged Her!!: For the First and Last time!!!

| November 11, 2017


Nobody can ever say that love happens only once. And this love can happen at any age, anytime. It’s quite common for us to get into love with a gorgeous woman in college, supplanting the lovely infatuation once we had with a beautiful girl in school. And when remembering that… She was cute!… Oh! She was that cute! – The First Love…

And the pity is… Most of us have never expressed our first love to that cute little heart –They have just been our password and some people don’t even understand, realize this infatuation. Well… That’s the nature of the first love!

Do you remember that love? Or haven’t you come across something like that?!! And this is one such story! Not exactly a story, it’s a stolen diary of a local boy who never had any brilliance in his love. It’s simply a Diary- No added colors! No additives!! And No Cosmetics!!!

Yes! It’s about the first love of a boy who has nothing big to say about his love, but definitely first love itself is a great thing. Because, it happens only once!- Thanks to Little Manhattan.

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