Personal Development For Smart People By Steve Pavlina – Book Review #2

I enjoy reading Steve Pavlinas Blog. He has a unique perspective on personal growth and actually backs up his conclusions with all kinds of experiments. One could say Steve keeps an open mind.

When I found out that his first book Personal Development for Smart People was being published and he was looking for reviewers I jumped at the chance. I was excited when the book arrived in the mail. It was hardcover and a little bit thicker then I had anticipated.

251 pages, no pictures, and I had to wear my reading glasses. Like one of Steve’s Raw Vegan Meals, this book would take a while to digest.

The book is divided into two parts. Part one has 7 chapters focusing on the 7 Fundamental Principles of; Truth, Love, Power, Oneness, Authority, Courage, and Intelligence. Part two is the practical application of how these principles affect our Habits, Career, Money, Health, Relationships, and Spirituality.

When I read this, I kind of rolled my eyes, all of these abstract principles and applications. How is he going to pull this off? Well he found a way. Each principle builds on the other and they are all applied in the practical applications.

I found this book inspiring and encouraging. I felt and still feel motivated by reading it. Steve’s a smart guy and has not only devoted a lot of his life to personal development, but he is constantly experimenting to see if his conclusions are accurate.

To sum up my review of this book. I liked it! I was especially impressed with the principle of Truth. Such a simple concept. Being honest with others is a fine trait to have. Being honest with yourself is essential for building the life you desire.

You can use this principle along with your power of prediction to make decisions and create goals in your life. I already wrote about this principle in an earlier post about Making Better Decisions.

You can also use the principle of truth to guide your choices in life. How are you going to deal with your debt? How do you respond to an old friend or relative trying to get in touch with you? Do you attempt a career change?

If you are honest with yourself, and use the principle of truth your decisions and values will be aligned. You can trust your feelings and instincts to tell you if these things are in alignment. So many people are paralyzed with decision making, and yet we all have a fool proof method at our disposal.

I enjoyed reading Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal Growth and I intend to reread it, when I need motivation, for keeping my life in alignment. I would recommend this book to anyone who is encouraged by thoughtful discourse, and wants to gain control, of where their life path is leading.