Run With Me

| August 3, 2013


Run With Me (Discovery Series)

Six weeks.

Six long weeks in the remote woods of Montana with no human contact besides my brainiac archaeologist parents and their team of assorted nerds. I’ll be cut off from everything – my friends, the track team, every social event imaginable. Why don’t they just stuff me into a pod and launch me into outer space?

How will I, Olivia Bradford, age seventeen, ever survive this summer?

~ * ~


Ones I do not welcome. Ones I cannot ignore.

My life had been so simple among my hidden tribe in our quiet village. Now everything is different, uncertain, unknown. Each day brings something else I did not expect. Ninae, my grandmother, says I must accept the changes and protect our tribe, but I am no one special.

How will I, Jobah Everleaf, seventeen winters old, ever find my purpose?

~ * ~

A run in the woods might give them both answers. It might also raise more questions.

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