Tarya’a Vision

| November 12, 2017


When She Was 11 Years Old, She Discovered It;

On Her 16th Birthday, Tarya Must Learn To Control It!

Everybody dreams; cute dreams, loving dreams, funny dreams, sad dreams, and nightmares.

But what if you woke up someday and one of your dreams turns into reality right in front of your eyes? 

That is what Tarya Jones discovers about herself when she is just eleven years old; her dreams are not “dreams”; they are visions of the future!

Is there an explanation for this power? Can she control it, and maybe change the future for her and her loved ones? And how?

Follow her on a mesmerizing, supernatural adventure, as she tries to prevent a heart-breaking tragedy that she knows is coming – but she doesn’t know that there’s a steep price to pay for that…

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