Remote Access

| November 12, 2017


A riveting, raw and poignant story that unravels the mystery of life in all its glory, wonder and connection. Lush, evocative and deeply humane is the true story of a mothers’ undying love and prayers to save her son.

Jim was on a missionary trip but the campsite was situated at a remote location. What should’ve been an easy problem to solve turns into a near-death experience. With no medical supplies on the campsite and the hospital at least, an hour’s drive away, Jim was in dire need of a life-saving intervention. 

Thousands of miles lied between Jim and his mother Jean, however when Jean learns of her son’s impending fate she engages in the practice of remote prayer. Sixteen years later Jim experiences a moment of epiphany when he encounters the practice while reading a daily inspirational devotional. Intrigued by the claims that remote prayer can reverse life-threatening circumstances, Jim begins to investigate the activity to validate such claims. 

During his investigation, Jim begins to recall the moments when his mother prayed for him and realizes that there was something special about her prayers. What Jim will eventually uncover about the practice of remote prayer, leads him into an experience that will deepen his religious beliefs. Remote Access is a powerful story of motherhood, prayer, connecting with those we love and desiring a change in their circumstance.

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