Mr. Common Sense & Mr. Lucky: Why Both Are Needed In Life

| November 13, 2017


Read This LIFE-CHANGING Parable About Mr. Common Sense & Mr. Lucky On How To Live Life!

Even though opposites apart, no one ever understood how Mr. Common Sense and Mr. Lucky became best friends and stayed that way for over 25 years. When Mr. Common Sense and Mr. Lucky meet up and decide to go on the trip of a lifetime, both of them realize it is out of Mr. Common Sense’s comfort zone.

He has always secretly wished he could be more like his friend but he was brought up to believe that you can’t depend on luck to get by in this world. He’s always been used to planning everything and leaving nothing to chance. When Mr. Lucky finally proves to him once and for all that everyone needs luck on their side sometimes one of their lives will change FOREVER!

Never In History Has It Been Easier To Become Lucky. Change Your Luck Today By Reading This Book And Applying This Lesson To Your Life!

Take The Knowledge From Mr. Common Sense & Mr. Lucky And Apply It To Your Life

A Preview Of What You’ll Learn….

  • Why The Conventional Way Of Living By COMMON SENSE Alone Doesn’t Always Work!
  • The Power Of Luck!
  • The Moral Of The Story!
  • The Biggest Lesson In Life!
  • Luck VS Common Sense!
  • And Much, Much More!

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