Sorry, but I’m an Urban Girl

| November 15, 2017


A short love story where a young country girl battles a choice between the city’s seductive glamour and her small town’s simple life filled with love. Expect some unexpected stuff, some steamy romance, some interesting characters and a fantastic end:

Sofia Brauer is a young, sexy, passionate and adventurous country girl who has never been outside her small town of Wernigerode, Germany despite longing forever to explore what lies beyond. There was always something happening in her life to hold her back; but now, her mother’s death bed request asking her to move out and explore the world finally triggers her decision to leave, with or without her childhood sweetheart.

Sven Weisz, a charming, selfless man who has loved Sofia ever since he was a boy finally proposes to her, only to hear that she’s moving to Berlin. A young and innocent Sofia soon steps into a world she had never imagined before, a world without Sven, a world without the warm and loving support of her family. Dazzled by this new world, she explores new places, new men, exciting sex, and a reality that changes her outlook towards life forever.

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