Happiness Simplified: Free Version: Why are we so unhappy? Happiness is a serious problem (Seduction Simplified Book 1)

| November 16, 2017


This guide includes delicious Free Ice Cream… 

No it doesn’t, sorry to dissapoint you. But I promise if you keep reading you will get something better… And no, you are not going to get two ice creams.

Happiness is a widely discussed topic, and still it is quite disconcerting. In fact, many sociological studies show that most people have no idea what it is that makes them happy.

According to a poll taken by psychiatrist Robert Waldinger about what the most important goals were in life for today’s young people, 80% of the respondents said ‘being a millionaire.’ And not only that, half of them also wanted to be famous. So we work hard to get those things but, are they actually the most important in life for our happiness?
In addition. for a long time, it was also said that positive thinking was the key to happiness. Well, sorry to dissapoint again but it is not.

As the entrepreneur Nat Ware afirms: The first step to being happy is to understand why we can often become unhappy. 

There is no magic pill for true happiness, at least nothing that will last in the long run. Happiness is an emotional process that can be learned if we understand the primary factors that determine it. Giving you a better understanding of happiness will actually help you to make yourself happier, but this undoubtedly requires a lot of work, effort and determination.


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