Isaac Comett: My Life as a Shard Knight

| November 17, 2017


The Rework of an epic Sci-Fi Adventure is here!

The coldest of seasons has set in, filled swords, robots and family drama.

When aliens come marching into the sleepy city of Mantlestown, Connecticut, the only ray of light in the thick gloom is from a tiny stone that cost Isaac Comett five dollars (plus tax).

Young Isaac believed his only job in middle school was to blow off homework, play video games and try to get a date with his crush, the cunning local delinquent June Farnell; not defend his hometown from vicious space pirates! Yet when a Memorite Shard, the most powerful substance in the universe was placed around his neck, all of that changed.

With he and his small circle of friends bound to the power-giving stones, Isaac is pulled from his comfortable life with his single mother and younger brother, and forced to fight a secret war against the merciless Captain Straum. With each passing hour, more questions about their abilities and unyielding attackers arise, and their only source for answers is another shady alien, and fellow shard wielder named Chenzo.

Lying to his mom and swinging a sword become Isaac’s new life as he, June and the others train to become Shard Knights; defenders of the Memorite. Unfortunately for him, he’s the team’s weakest link, and the challenge to survive the one year bonding period feels more impossible with each clash. And what’s worse, his estranged father Zack is back in town after a year long hiatus, ready to “set things right”…again.

Will Isaac defeat Straum’s army of mechanical warriors, save his family and live long enough to put on his graduation cap, or will Comett burn out like so many others before him?

Join Isaac, June, the slick talking Austin, his brainy beauty girlfriend Emma, and the comic-book loving daydreamer Fiora in this epic sci-fi rumble and see what being a hero is REALLY all about!

-Realistic characters of different races and backgrounds that deal with true to life issues, such as school drama, dating, divorced parents and neglect.

-No lengthy, needless descriptions make for a satisfying read.

-Immersive, over-the-top action influenced by video games, anime, and science fiction movies while seasoned with emotional encounters throughout. Feel like a part of a super hero team!

-Edited for quality and easy navigation!

First Release Testimonials
“A Good Mashup of Anime and Sci-Fi Story Telling” – Flipino Fuego

“Looking Forward to More!” – Ms. Chea

“The pace is perfect, the reading is very comfortable, and the material is appropriate for all ages. Although this book is geared towards…young adults, I…couldn’t put it down! I definitely recommend this suspenseful book to everyone who enjoys a good read.” -Mrs. Wygant

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