Project You: Forgiveness Words of Wisdom. Ideas and Motivational Quotes for Living A Forgiving Life

| November 18, 2017


Forgive and forget. Easy to say. Often very hard to do.

There is no question that forgiving can be hard. Complete, unconditional forgiveness is even harder — sometimes even impossible — to grant.

Forgiveness is a process. It takes time. And the process starts with ourselves. We have to stop and recognize that our strung out emotions, thoughts, hurt, and pain were caused by our reactions to someone’s deeds or words. Or to an event or situation that happened to us.

Probably the biggest obstacles to forgiving are the many unconscious false beliefs we have about forgiveness and what forgiveness means. Deciding how and when to forgive inevitably means uncovering and discrediting these false beliefs ingrained within.

Project You: Forgiveness Words of Wisdom will provide you with tips, hints, and motivational quotes to help you overcome the common obstacles to forgiveness and to guide you through the forgiveness process.

We believe there is not enough forgiveness in the world. And we are not alone in our thinking. In a global survey on forgiveness conducted by Project You in the fall of 2016, 85% of the respondents agreed that there is not enough forgiveness in the world today.

That is an astonishing response. Equally astonishing is that 55% of the respondents indicated that there is little or no forgiveness within their own families.

It is little wonder that Marianne Williamson says, “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”

Practice forgiveness and you will find a higher level of inner peace and happiness.

Practice forgiveness and you will increase your ability to love on all fronts.

Practice forgiveness and you will become a better individual, partner, friend, parent, and even co-worker.

The ideas, techniques, and quotes in Project You: Forgiveness Words of Wisdom will assist you on your own journey to inner peace through forgiveness and to your own ability to Live A Determined Life.

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