Imagine Me

| August 4, 2013


Imagine Me

Small time movie producer Jake Borden has just found an actress for his big break: Karen, a patient suffering from anorexia nervosa who also happens to be estranged from her rich mother. She’s the perfect person to play the role of Lainie Dalton, but the troubled young actress could stop her — and Jake’s — rise to the top. Jake does his best to help Lainie, but as soon as finds himself on the road to his dreams, he finds himself entangled in a complicated romance that could threaten all that he has achieved.

Imagine Me is an 80,000 word/250 page novel about the quest for stardom, fame and the perils that lie in wait on the journey.


Charles Alverson’s writing career has spanned over five decades. Originally from Los Angeles, Alverson served as an Army Paratrooper before receiving his M.A. in Journalism from Columbia University. He has written for numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone, and HELP! Magazine. Alverson has written ten novels, two children’s books, several non-fiction works, survived a few helter-skelter sojourns through LA on the back of Hunter S. Thompson’s motorcycle, and helped co-write the screenplays for Terry Gilliam’s cult films Jabberwocky and Brazil. Alverson currently lives in Serbia, where he has resided with his wife since 1994. For information, discounts, and promotions regarding his upcoming books and other titles, please visit

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